I got his bedroom pics from his askfm lol

Really? I should look them up again. It’s been a while. c:

what's kenny's new password for his tumblr

I don’t know, really. I thing you should ask him on his other tumblr.

Did you see his new hair bald?

No I don’t think so. He’s probably still cute, thought.

Do you think you can still post pics? I have pics of his new bedroom in centreville if you want. Do you have kakao talk?

I’m sorry but I’m having exam weeks now and I’m quite busy but maybe I’ll post something after that. But I’d like to know, where did you get those photos? Because I’d prefere not to upload stalker photos.

omg you look like hongki <3

Not me, just a fanblog, sorry. By the way, my laptop crashed, broke and all photos are gone haha FML. I’ll just leave this blog here but I doubt I’ll ever find those 2000 old photos of Kenny that he, of course, deleted long time ago. Sorry.

i love u bc whenever i lose a photo or whenever kenny goes crazy and deletes everything i always have u. thank u

I’m sorry I didn’t post anythink for so long. I’m sorry I don’t know if I’ll be able to in the future since my laptop with all the houndreds of photos crashed and won’t start anymore and I don’t know if it’ll survive. Sorry


so today i decided to wear makeup and idk this girl that doesnt even know my name looked at me and she looked at her friend and back at me and i thought she was gonna say something like “ur makeup is too light” or something like that but she kept telling me repeatedly that im a beautiful boy really shockingly and idk i felt really good and i kept smiling and idk it feels nice that someone could consider me good looking in real life without photoshop. i was shocked just as her.

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